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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – After a weekend with 55 arrests reported around the Tennessee State Capitol, protesters there today spoke with their signs.

Its been about a month since the group became a constant presence primarily on Legislative Plaza across from the capitol building.

Those there Monday morning chose not to talk about the various race issues that brought many of them to the plaza nearly a month ago.

Among the signs visible were ones that said ‘Black lives matter’ and ‘Defund the police.’

There was also one expressing the lingering desire to talk with Governor Bill Lee.

During the time there, protesters also have mentioned removal of the state capitol building bust of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest as one of their main objectives.

Only a few feet from the protesters on the plaza is a government sign that among other things says ‘no camping.’

There is also a new sound around parts of the plaza over the last few weeks.

Cleaning crews have hired to spray and wash the nooks and crannies of the public space.

Its been an almost daily occurrence.

Peering down on the plaza remain dozens of Tennessee troopers who have been ordered to keep the capitol closed.

No visitors, no media and no protesters were allowed on the capitol grounds Monday.

In the midst of this, House Democratic Caucus Chair Mike Stewart has sent a letter about the protesters to the state commissioner overseeing troopers.

Rep. Stewart asked Commissioner Jeff Long that “…leadership of the highway patrol should redouble its efforts to ensure that protestors are, even if arrested, treated with appropriate care.”

There have been conflicting reports about what happened to a few protesters when they were arrested over the weekend.

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