NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Tennessee state lawmaker has introduced a bill that would add a statue of Dolly Parton to the Capitol grounds in Nashville.

Representative John Mark Windle, a Democrat representing Fentress, Morgan and Overton counties, introduced House Bill 135 Tuesday, aimed at honoring the country legend.

The bill states “the state capitol commission, at regularly scheduled meetings, shall develop and implement a plan for the commissioning of a statue of Dolly Parton, to recognize her for all that she has contributed to this state.”

Windle said the statue would be located on the Capitol grounds, facing in the direction of Ryman Auditorium.

He added the commission would solicit input from the public and “other interested parties” to develop the plan, including the statue design.

The bill states an account would be created within the state general fund, known as the Dolly Parton Fund, for the design, construction and installation of the statue. The fund would be financed by gifts, grands and other donations received by the state for the fund from non-state sources.

A statue of Dolly Parton was previously discussed as an alternative to the bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest inside the Capitol.