MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — Amy Lysyczyn and her family have been hypersensitive to the possibility of breast cancer since her aunt was diagnosed about 30 years ago and while in recovery was diagnosed with leukemia.

Lysyczyn eventually asked her doctor if she could get genetic testing done to find out more about herself. Her doctor called and had to deliver the news that she had a genetic mutation called BRCA 1.

This is when Lysyczyn had to get her ovaries removed and a double mastectomy. She was officially cancer free but her long journey to recovery had only just begun. Lysyczyn’s body started rejecting the reconstruction which led to seven surgeries in 15 months and four hospitalizations. Half of these operations took place during the pandemic, and this left Lysyczyn in a dark place.

Thankfully, Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford was prepared with resources from the Cancer Wellness Program. This program created a safe place for Lysyczyn through a Zoom support group. They also offer yoga, meditation, and counseling but what impacted Lysyczyn the most was the physical wellness support.

She got a personal trainer named Q who taught her how to move her arms and roll her shoulders again. Lysyczyn has turned to supporting her community by helping with the rose wine garden for the Wine Around the Square event for the last two years.

This part of the event honors survivors and women who have left a legacy as fighters. The event is on Saturday, and if you would like to support it or get tickets, click here.

Other survivors will also be in attendance, including Betty Robinson and Vasana Rattanarath. Click their names to see their stories.