NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Tens of thousands have evacuated ahead of Hurricane Ian’s arrival, while many have also stayed behind.

For many who have loved ones in the path, they are anxious.

News 2’s Neil Orne spoke with a Nashville woman who said her 86-year-old dad remains in Florida.

“I’m seeing all the news reports. And it looks really scary in Cape Coral Fort Myers area,” said Jennifer DeVault.

There may be a few who can relate to this. DeVault’s father and his wife life in Fort Myers, and they aren’t budging.

“My dad is 86, almost 87, and his wife is 81. My dad’s in good shape, Barbara, maybe a little less so. But, they are incredibly determined to stay in their house,” she said.

Many who have done this before feel their best play is to shelter in place.

“They just don’t want to go.” She continued, “They’ve been offered refuge in a new house next door. They have an older ranch house, and their neighborhood is filled with new houses and big on the water houses. And so hopefully when if it gets bad enough, they’ll go next door to a house. It’s a little bit more fortress like.”

While there has been tense moments, they know even after the storm is long gone, life on the coast of Florida will be a challenge for elderly residents.

“I heard from them this morning, I got an email about six o’clock saying they’d made it through the night and things were picking up and that they were expecting that.” She added she’s in touch with their next-door neighbor as well.

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“It scares me now that Ian is getting serious; that it’s not an adventure.”

Her thoughts no doubt shared by many with loved ones in the path of the storm.