WILSON CO., Tenn. (WKRN) — In about two weeks, students will head back to classrooms in Wilson County. Teachers are ready to welcome them back, but there’s one problem: a staff shortage.

“Unfortunately, we’re part of the staffing shortage party as well. It’s not only in our district. We know it’s so many other places, and our district is not excluded,” said Bart Barker, the public information officer for Wilson County Schools.

“We are seeking teachers, we’re seeking certified staff, support staff, bus drivers, cafeteria staff, you name it,” he added.

Although the shortage is in all departments, the biggest discrepancy is in the teaching department where they are 75 teachers short across all 24 Wilson County schools.

“Some schools are experiencing a shortage, maybe more than another school, but across the board when you have a 75 teacher shortage going into the school year as of today, yeah, it raises a lot of concern,” said Barker.

Most of the openings are in grades K through 5th grade and 6th grade through 8th as well as exceptional learning.

“I was talking with HR personnel yesterday, when you maybe hire four or five teachers, that’s the same day that you will have three to four that may resign,” said Barker. 

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The shortage will most certainly impact work load, but Barker said their doors will still open on August 1st.

“When there’s a shortage, it puts a strain, and a domino effect goes into a place, and it causes a strain in many areas,” said Barker. 

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