TDOT preparing residents for impact of I-440 reconstruction project

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Weeks away from major construction on I-440, drivers and those who live along the roadway can expect a loud, long process on Nashville’s most infamous highway.  

Low impact projects will begin next month on the road, taking care of smaller items such as replacing certain noise walls.  

The major projects begin in March 2019. Projects will include widening the roadway so that there are three lanes going in either direction.  

TDOT will also be replacing the road surface, crushing the concrete using a ‘Rubblizer’, then loading asphalt on top.  

Metro police’s West Precinct hosted a community Q&A Wednesday night, as TDOT filled those in who live near the road on exactly what to expect.  

Drivers are fearful of the headaches but aware of the project’s necessity.  

“It needs repaving, with a surface that won’t deteriorate so quickly,” Linda O’Neil said. “It’s going to be pretty hard with construction but there’s not much other alternative than to do construction, to make the road more useful.” 

Important note to keep in mind, during much of the project, there will be no shoulders on I-440. So, if a car runs out of gas, or gets a flat tire, there may be nowhere to go.  

TDOT is working on solutions for this, such as having extra highway response vehicles placed in strategic locations.  

However, the public should be aware and if drivers are expecting they might have these issues, they might want to avoid the road. 

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