NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – TDOT is continuing emergency repairs on some Middle Tennessee interstates plagued with potholes.

The repairs come as drivers have been navigating around rough roads for weeks. It’s a welcomed facelift for the poor road conditions drivers have dealt with for months.

“I noticed cars swerving to avoid the potholes,” Jack Musterman, a Middle Tennessee driver said.

It has drivers counting the cost of repairs and if they are unfortunate enough to hit a pothole, the cost could reach into hundreds if not thousands of dollars for repairs.

“I hit some terrible potholes that I was afraid were going to bend my rims and cause some problems,” Musterman said.

TDOT is taking action, dispatching crews to fix and re-patch roads.

“It’s overdue, but they’ve done a tremendous job with it,” Musterman said.

TDOT has emergency crews working until April 6 on I-24, paving from New Hope Road to near Briley Parkway in Davidson County.

Crews are also working on both widening and repairing potholes in Robertson County.

Wilson County will see repairs coming this week for portions of the interstate in eastbound lanes between mile markers 222 and 232 from the county line.

And while crews are out working, TDOT wants to ensure drivers are being careful in work zones.

“They’re pretty good about notifying you that they’re coming up, but they’re constantly moving so you got to watch out for them,” Musterman said.

Additionally, the department of transportation says drivers should check travel conditions before leaving for their destination.

Drivers are also reminded that they should never tweet use their cell phones while behind the wheel.