NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Tennessee Department of Transportation has been putting out salt brine on the roadways since Tuesday and they will continue that through Wednesday night.

Brine only works if there is no rain ahead of the snow, which could wash the brine off of the roads.

After it starts snowing, they start dropping salt.

Rebekah Hammonds, TDOT Region 3 Community Relations Officer explained the process to News 2.

“Once the snow starts, our trucks and plows get out,” Hammonds said. “They start clearing the road and they salt at the same time, so that salt does the same thing and it makes sure that it doesn’t ice as quickly.”

The salt only works down to a temperature of about 17 degrees, so with the forecast for readings in the teens, that could become a factor.

TDOT says they are well prepared as far as their supply of salt and brine is concerned.

“So, here in Region 3 in the Mid-State, we have more than 43,000 tons of salt ready and nearly 500,000 gallons of brine,” Hammond explained. “So we’re fully stocked. We’re prepared. We have seen a slight delay in getting everything that we ordered, but we don’t anticipate there being any issues. We have plenty of salt for multiple weather events.”

It is important to note that TDOT is not responsible for all the roadways.

“We focus on interstates, then highly traveled state roads and secondary state roads,” Hammond explained. “And then at that point, for other roads like county or city roads, those are county highway departments, city transportation departments.”

The Nashville Transportation Department has said that they have also been brining their roadways since Tuesday, and have the salt trucks and plows standing by for when the snow begins.