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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Amid growing frustration over state testing and the potential for thousands of Tennessee children being held back in the third grade, the Tennessee Department of Education has released the averages for each district’s English Language Arts (ELA) TCAP tests.

Statewide, education officials said around 60% of third graders did not meet or exceed expectations on the ELA test for the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) tests, but did not initially release district-specific information.

Some districts, including Metro Nashville Public Schools, Sumner County Schools, and Williamson County Schools opted to release estimations, but many districts kept quiet while under an embargo from the education department.

Here are how districts in Middle Tennessee fared.

District Name% Below% Approaching% Meets% ExceedsTotal Proficiency
Bedford County Schools31.2232.6126.289.8936.17
Benton County Schools25.536.2424.8313.4238.25
Cannon County Schools33.3338.7426.131.827.93
Cheatham County Schools20.2338.3730.710.741.4
Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools21.4036.928.7913.2642.05
Clay County Schools10.7741.5436.9210.7742.05
Coffee County Schools23.9936.5328.4111.0739.48
Decatur County Schools17.394033.918.742.61
DeKalb County Schools24.8832.8628.6413.6242.26
Dickson County Schools19.6138.1628.4513.7842.23
Fayetteville City Schools19.7535.833.3311.1144.44
Franklin County Schools29.4735.5326.058.9535
Franklin Special School District11.1119.4436.4233.0269.44
Giles County Schools16.4241.6131.7510.2241.97
Grundy County Schools29.0931.8231.827.2739.09
Hickman County Schools15.6440.7430.8612.7643.62
Humphreys County Schools23.8140.4829.765.9535.71
Jackson County Schools24.5143.1425.496.8632.35
Lawrence County Schools13.3340.3830.8615.4346.29
Lebanon Special School District21.6632.8231.2914.2245.51
Lewis County Schools7.6941.8835.0415.3850.42
Lincoln County Schools17.9538.4630.7712.8243.59
Macon County Schools20.7139.3529.5910.3639.95
Manchester City Schools19.5541.3427.9311.1739.1
Marion County Schools22.5343.00827.676.7234.39
Marshall County Schools19.8446.4827.426.2733.69
Maury County Schools25.9537.5427.389.1336.51
Metro Nashville Public Schools37.6932.4318.611.0829.68
Moore County Schools17.9532.0534.6215.3850
Murfreesboro City Schools24.5931.8829.4514.0843.53
Overton County Schools20.1740.7733.056.0139.06
Perry County Schools24.6958.0213.583.717.28
Putnam County Schools20.936.6127.9414.5542.49
Robertson County Schools31.3438.8121.778.0829.85
Rutherford County Schools22.0833.8329.0415.0544.09
Sequatchie County Schools26.4731.6233.828.0941.91
Sumner County Schools18.3932.7130.818.0948.89
TN Public Charter School Commission33.6938.5418.069.727.76
Trousdale County Schools22.7328.183019.0949.09
Tullahoma City Schools21.4836.7233.28.5941.79
Van Buren County Schools2539.5829.176.2535.42
Warren County Schools31.5934.6125.558.2533.8
Wayne County Schools18.8450.7223.916.5230.43
White County Schools14.1342.7529.7113.4143.12
Williamson County Schools5.9222.3637.734.0171.71
Wilson County Schools15.1934.6333.8516.3350.18

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