NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Talk about an uncanny resemblance. 

While spotting Taylor Swift around Nashville isn’t uncommon, a trauma nurse named Ashley is turning heads as some people around town are mistaking her for the Grammy winner.  

She told News 2 people have compared her to Swift for as long as she can remember but the attention has really ramped up since she moved to Nashville two months ago. 

“Especially with the mask, it is a lot I would say, because you just see the eyes. I do wear contacts a lot but even with the glasses and brown eyes from far away, I guess people are mistaken so much. I’ve been at the Green Hills Mall and I’ve had somebody yell from the top ‘Oh my god, Taylor Swift!’” 

She said she isn’t typically approached by Swifties out in public but she does get quite a few patients at the hospital where she works who mention the resemblance.  

As for the viral video, Ashley said it was made as a joke and she didn’t expect it to get this much attention. She told News 2 she is a fan of the Swift and so are her two children, but she cannot play the guitar.