It’s been just more than 15 years since Tabitha Tuders disappeared while walking to her bus stop in East Nashville.

The day was April 29, 2003. The 13-year-old has not been seen since.

It’s a morning Bo and Debra Tuders think about every day; a morning that changed their lives forever.

“I know where my other children are. I know where my wife is, where my grandkids are. I just don’t know where Tabitha is,” said Bo Tuders. “It is heartbreaking.”

What happened to Tabitha is still a mystery. Her family doesn’t know who took her or why. And they don’t even know if she’s alive or dead.

“We just pray about it that one day we’re going to find her again,” Debra Tuders said.

Tabitha’s cold case is being featured on a national television show called ‘Disappeared.’ Her parents are hoping the national spotlight will light a fire under the cold case and help generate tips.

“They might remember that they saw something or heard something and they can call the authorities,” said Tabitha’s father.

After 15 years, some might be tempted to give up hope. Not the Tuders.

“Hope is all we have left,” Bo said.

“I’ll never give up until they come and tell me that we won’t ever get her back,” said Debra.

When Tabitha disappeared, her parents hung a missing banner on the front porch.

After all this time, the banner is fading. But it will remain there until Tabitha comes home.