Suspected shoplifter shot after stabbing security guard in Bordeaux Walgreens

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A security officer and a shoplifter both continue to recover after a violent confrontation outside a Bordeaux Walgreens Thursday morning. 

News 2 was quickly on scene around 4 a.m. Thursday morning when the shots rang out.  

According to Metro police, a security officer confronted convicted felon Marcus Pullens, who was stealing merchandise, reportedly Febreze. 

Police said when the security officer tried to detain Pullens, there was a confrontation.  

The security officer used his baton on the 49-year-old, who responded by slashing the officer repeatedly with a box cutter. 

That’s when, police say, the officer opened fire to defend himself and shot the shoplifter in both legs. 

Pullens’ criminal history in Metro goes back 32 years and it’s violent and chronic.  

North precinct commander Terrence Graves says, “We have a board at the precinct that has persistent shoplifters and he is the only one with a note on there that says he is a fighter. ” 

On Dec. 15, Pullens was involved in an incident very similar to the one at Walgreens Thursday morning.  

According to a police affidavit, Pullens stole items from a north Nashville truck stop. Two armed security officers chased him to a nearby bridge, where Pullens reportedly used a box cutter to stab one of the officers multiple times in his right hand. 

Pullens was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  

According to Metro records, after only 49 days in jail, the violent, dangerous man was back on Nashville’s streets.  

After accepting a plea deal with the DA’s office, his sentence was four years’ probation with time served. 

“And for him to get probation for another aggravated assault with a box cutter, it is disappointing. He was brought into the justice system in December and now it’s March and here we are doing the same thing again,” said Commander Graves. “I feel if he was in jail, he would not be shot, the security guard would not be cut, and we would not be here talking about it.” 

One of the security officers stabbed by Marcus Pullens on Dec. 15 is still having problems with his hand, his health, and his finances.  

“We ended up chasing him over to the James Robertson Bridge. It was me and another guard,” the officer who wishes to remain anonymous says. 

He told News 2 it all began at the truck stop on North First Street.  

“He had two box cutters, actually. I took the first one. The second one, he got me with after I got him on the ground. He stabbed me.” 

“I still haven’t been back to work with them. I lost so much money because of that,” said the security officer.  

The guard says he studied music and he plays the piano, the tuba, and the baritone and he has been unable to play because of the injury he suffered to his hand. 

Meanwhile, Pullens was charged with felony aggravated assault and went to jail.  

After spending only 49 days in jail, he was released on Feb. 2. 

According to metro records, the DA’s office released Pullens, agreeing to a sentence of four years’ probation and time served.  

The guard says this sends the wrong message to the community and to law officers. 

“I feel bad. I actually showed up for the court date. The judge dismissed it so fast. The lawyer didn’t even show up. ” 

The officer says he is disappointed in the district attorney’s office for being so lenient on an offender who is obviously dangerous to the public and who caused so much injury in his life. 

“I don’t see how you expect someone to do so much better that fast.” 

For now, Pullens is being treated for gunshots in both his legs. Once he recovers, he’ll be charged with aggravated assault and theft. 

News 2 reached out to the DA’s office for comment, but have not heard back yet.  

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