CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — A suspect who nearly ran over a Cheatham County deputy earlier in the month was taken into custody early Wednesday morning.

On Jan. 2, officers were responding to a rolling domestic, or fight in a car, at a convenience store on Highway 12 in Cheatham County.

Police say James Brennan Jones was hitting his girlfriend inside another man’s car, pointed a gun at him, before Jones drove away in the other man’s car, nearly hitting a deputy in the process. Jones had been on the run since the incident.

Early Wednesday morning, Jones appeared at a home Metro police and Cheatham County police had been observing. Metro Police arrested Jones and transferred him to Cheatham County authorities.

Jones’ girlfriend who was in the back seat during the incident on Jan. 2 also has five warrants out for her arrest as well.

Officials said there is no reason to believe that she was harmed as a result of the carjacking incident.