UPDATE: Kentucky State Police located Samuel Quinton Edwards, 34, near Louisville Tuesday evening. Following a police chase and shootout, Edwards was pronounced dead.


MILLERSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — After a seven-hour manhunt, Millersville police have pulled out of the search for Samuel Quinton Edwards. 

According to investigators, Edwards, 34, shot a Hendersonville police officer Monday night during a police chase.

The search moved to Millersville after employees at 31-W Insulation spotted the suspect’s stolen, getaway truck in their parking lot. 

“One of my employees comes up and says I think that’s the vehicle that was stolen last night with the guy that shot the cop, so as I told you awhile ago we looked up on the WKRN app and seen the truck, the picture on there and so I called 911 this morning,” COO Andy Rippy told News 2. 

A number of agencies then responded to the scene, some with guns drawn including police from Millersville, Hendersonville and Metro, deputies from the Sumner County Sheriff’s Department, Metro’s aviation unit, as well as search and rescue bloodhounds.

The bloodhounds followed the scent of the suspect to a tree line by I-65 at Bethel Road, and that’s when the manhunt moved to that area, shutting down the interstate for hours. 

Drivers there saw numerous law enforcement officials with guns drawn while the dogs sniffed the tree line to mile marker 103. 

“I was pulling up here and I saw a bunch of cops with dogs and I was like oh no I think I’m going to be here for a while. Then I looked up and I saw a helicopter circling and that was about 40 minutes ago, so since then I’ve seen the guys, the cops, with bulletproof vests and guns drawn and headed into the woods right there,” driver Brooke Sanders explained. 

Police reviewed surveillance footage from 31-W Insulation showing the truck pulling in around 9:30 Monday night. 

Millersville police believe Edwards is still armed with two long rifles but no longer in the area, saying he may have been picked up by someone off the interstate.