**Editor’s Note: News 2 learned Wednesday the truck wasn’t stolen after all. Someone had reported it abandoned and U-Haul came, picked it up, and took it to U-Haul’s Hendersonville location where it currently sits, the company said. Hutchins is able to get her belongings.

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A 26-foot U-Haul was stolen in Hendersonville, but it’s what was inside that has left a young woman broken.

Crystal Hutchins said she parked the truck loaded with nearly everything she owns outside of her workplace on Volunteer Drive. 

“It was fine for like a week and then just gone,” she explained. 

It was a temporary spot for Hutchins to store her stuff while waiting to sign a lease on a new apartment. 

“I was just super excited to finally not have a roommate,” Hutchins said. “It was a four-bedroom U-Haul and it was completely full.”

Hutchins padlocked it and parked it outside of Strike & Spare in the parking lot along the street, but Thursday it was no where to be found. 

“I was really surprised. I’m also still in awe how somebody could unlock a U-Haul and then drive it away without anybody noticing. I just don’t know how somebody is confident enough to drive off with a 26-foot box truck,” she said. 

Inside the truck were items she had saved up for over the last several years. 

“It was everything from my couch to my bed, all my bathroom stuff so I had a bunch of makeup in there, just pretty much everything, so I’m kind of running off a couple of t-shirts and some leggings that my mom’s job gave to her,” said Hutchins. 

Her computer, iPad and clothes are among those items she said can be replaced, but there were many others that can’t be replaced, like her guitars, vinyl record collection and photos. 

“I had the last picture of my grandmother in there and just like stuff that my family has helped me out with a lot over the last couple of years was in there. It’s just really frustrating because it’s all gone now and I have no way of knowing where it is,” she said as her voice began to crack. 

The theft broke her trust in her hometown. 

“I trusted kind of the community more than what I should have, so it feels really frustrating to know I have that trust broken more than anything and just kind of sad overall,” Hutchins said. 

However, she is staying positive while her plans have been detoured. 

“I can’t afford all new things so it just didn’t make sense for me to sleep in an empty apartment,” Hutchins said. “It has caused me to pick up a second job, but honestly anything it takes to get back on my feet again, I’m super motivated to do that.”

In the meantime, she is staying with her mom about an hour away from work. 

There are cameras lining the building where she works, so she is hopeful they will find evidence that may lead them to a suspect. 

“I think I have a little bit of hope that maybe somewhere, someway we will be able to find it and I’ll be able to get at least something,” she said.

The U-Haul she was driving has an Arizona tag AH11699. If you have any information, you are asked to call Hendersonville police. 

News 2 reached out to U-Haul who sent the below statement:

We sympathize with any customer who is a victim of theft. U-Haul employs a robust investigations unit that works closely with law enforcement to see that individuals engaged in criminal activity involving U-Haul equipment are captured and prosecuted.

There are many steps customers can take to lessen the risk of rental equipment and property theft when moving with our equipment. These tips include: 

Always park in well-lit areas and within view of security cameras. 

Do not leave keys in the truck where others can access them. 

Lock doors to the truck cab and the place secure locks on the rear cargo doors of your truck and/or trailer. 

Place secure locks on the chains connecting your personal vehicle or U-Haul truck to your trailer so the chains cannot be easily disconnected. 

Back up your truck or trailer to a garage, wall or other solid barrier so that possessions cannot be unloaded without the equipment being moved. 

Avoid leaving your equipment parked and unattended in areas of town where crime is prevalent. 

Avoid loading your possessions into a truck or trailer and leaving it parked and unattended at any time, particularly overnight, if this can be helped.

Avoid lending your equipment to other parties or providing keys to someone you do not know.