CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Cheatham County deputy escaped serious injury after he was almost run over by domestic violence suspect.

It happened Sunday, January 2 around 2:15 pm. at the Sudden Service station on Highway12.

Deputies responded to a rolling domestic, or a fight in a car, reportedly taking place at the convenience store.

As the Cheatham County deputy arrived, you could see a Subaru parked at the gas pumps. It was rainy and visibility was difficult, but the Sergeant reported seeing a passenger in the front seat being very animated and pointing at the deputy.

Deputies later learned that the man was James Brennan Jones, who was reportedly armed.

As the deputy approached the vehicle, the 39-year-old driver exits the car. He later told the deputy that Jones, while holding the gun, pushed him out of the driver’s seat.

As the deputy tried to make sense of the chaos, Jones got into the driver’s seat, behind the wheel of the still-running vehicle.

On video, you can hear the deputy shouting for the driver to show his hands.

When the 33-year-old Nashville man doesn’t obey officer commands, the deputy transitions from his firearm to his taser.

The deputy tazed Jones. The stun apparently struck his thick winter coat and had no effect on the driver, who rapidly accelerated backward.

The driver’s side door was open and almost side-swiped the deputy who had to run to get out of the way of the speeding car that slammed into an ice machine at the front of the store.

Jones closed the front door and accelerated onto Highway 12 toward Ashland City as the deputy called for help.

“Gimme some more units,” the deputy called out.

Lt. Ken Miller acknowledged that his deputy was very lucky not to have been hurt.

“Absolutely. If he had tripped or slipped he could have fell under the vehicle, broke a leg, got run over,” Lt. Miller said.

The deputy initially detained the man pushed out of the car, not knowing what his role is in this chaotic scene.

The 39-year-old Mt. Juliet man soon told the officer that Jones’ girlfriend was still in the back seat of the car. He said the Subaru belonged to him, and Jones had taken it.

According to the police report, the Mt. Juliet man said prior to deputies arriving, Jones was assaulting Jones’ girlfriend. The man told deputies he fought with Jones, trying to stop him from attacking the woman.

That’s when the 39-year-old man said Jones exited the vehicle, pulled a 9-millimeter, pointed it at the man, and threatened to shoot.

Deputies indicated that store owners called 911 upon seeing the violence in the parking lot.

By the time deputies arrived, the anger has subsided and the trio were back in the Subaru. The man told deputies they were in the neighborhood waiting to sell a generator to another man in the area.

As for the girlfriend in the back seat, Lt. Ken Miller said, “We don’t know if she was willingly taken with him or whether she was forced to go with him. We don’t know. We have not made any contact with her to this point.”

Investigators told News 2, the Subaru was later found abandoned on Dickerson Road in Nashville. Jones is still missing and the status of his girlfriend is unknown.

Lt. Miller said her family is concerned, but so far no missing persons reports have been issued.

“We are concerned. He ran from an officer. He dragged an officer by a vehicle. That’s pretty severe. The officer could’ve been hurt. He runs and then has a crash in Ashland City just trying to get away. Is it drugs or fear? He is going to run at all costs.”

Jones has active warrants for his arrest that include, carjacking, evading arrest, domestic violence, and aggravated assault on a police officer.

If you have any information in this case you are urged to contact the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office.