MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Law enforcement officers call him an “alleged” one-man crime spree.

Jaquan Berry is a suspect in multiple serious felonies in Giles and Lawrence counties. He got out of prison just two months ago for attempted aggravated robbery.

On Tuesday, he spoke from behind bars in the Maury County jail, after his arrest in Columbia, Monday morning. The 31-year-old is currently charged with unlawful possession of a .22 caliber semi-automatic pistol.

News 2 asked Berry if he did any of the stuff he was being accused of—Berry’s response, “no.”

According to multiple investigators from both Lawrence and Giles counties, the 31-year-old ex-con is the prime suspect in a number of crimes that include a Giles County auto theft and a Lawrence County armed robbery at a Dollar General store.

After that robbery, investigators tell News 2, Berry was positively identified out of a photo line up.

The following is from News 2’s conversation with Berry.

Cordan: “They are saying you might have been a one-man crime spree, is there any truth to that?”
Berry: “No.”
Cordan: “Armed robbery at a Dollar General maybe?”
Berry: “No.”
Cordan: “They say you might have abducted a woman, allegedly raped her?”
Berry: “No.”
Cordan: “So this is all false?”
Berry: “Yes.”

Multiple investigators confirmed to News 2, early Monday, Berry allegedly tried to abduct a woman at a Pulaski Walgreens. Thankfully that woman escaped.

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Investigators say Berry then allegedly used a weapon to abduct and rape another Giles County woman.

Cordan: “Point blank, you didn’t rape anyone?”
Berry: “No.”

Later that morning, investigative sources say the woman was able to get free and signal people she knew. Authorities say those people attacked Berry, holding him for police.

In the call to 911, you can hear screaming in the background.

Caller: “Two males are in a fight in our parking lot.”
911: “Are they fist fighting?”
Caller: “Yes…they said hurry now, has the black male pinned to the ground.”

Berry denies all the allegations, claiming he is the victim.

Berry: “They jumped me.”
Cordan: “They jumped you in the car?”
Berry: “Jacked me out of the car.”
Cordan: “They pulled you out of the car?”
Berry: “Yeah.”

As for the rape allegations, Berry told News 2 his relationship with the woman is consensual.

Cordan: “Did you know that woman before yesterday, did you have some sort of relationship?”
Berry: “Yeah.”
Cordan: “So you know each other?”
Berry: “Yeah.”
Cordan: “So did you have sex with that woman?”
Berry: “Yeah, plenty of times.”
Cordan: “But you did not rape her?”
Berry: “No”
Cordan: “So it was consensual?”
Berry: “Yes.”
Cordan: “Did you abduct her with a gun?”
Berry: “No.”
Cordan: “So where is that story coming from?”
Berry: “I don’t know.”

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Investigators told News 2, at least two counties are preparing multiple charges against Berry.

According to the DOC, Berry was sentenced in September of 2018 on attempted aggravated robbery charges. His sentence expired on June 15th, 2022.