WAVERLY, Tenn. (WKRN) – After overcoming the unthinkable, Humphreys County Schools continues to work on rebuilding its school district.

In 2021, a devastating flood destroyed the district’s elementary and junior high schools. The superintendent told News 2 they have had to come up with creative ways to ensure quality education for students.

“We had them in auditoriums divided up by dividers,” Superintendent Richard Rye said. “We make four classrooms out of it, and we know that was not an ideal situation, but we did not have a choice at the time.”

Superintendent Rye has led the charge in rebuilding the school district. He is encouraged about the future but knows it will take time.

Two of the main obstacles the district is trying to overcome are supply chain issues and worker shortages. Many of the key pieces involved in the renovation process are not available.

“It’s a struggle and frustrating on my end because I can’t control that,” Superintendent Rye said. “The switch panels we need are a couple of months out and we’ve got to have that because it runs the whole electrical component of that building.”

Right now, the temporary building is the old Acme Boot Factory. FEMA is helping renovate the building.

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The district does expect a successful opening on August 3.