WESTMORELAND, Tenn. (WKRN) — Heavy rainfall Wednesday morning led to flooding, road closures, and a swift water rescue in Sumner County.

In Westmoreland, Sumner County Emergency Management Agency Director Ken Weidner said some of the heaviest flooding was along Clark Hollow Road, Rabe Coats Road, and Dutch Creek Road.

“Most of these roads have a creek that runs adjacent to them or crosses, and those are those roads that are affected, the roads that have a creek close to them,” said Weidner.

Weider said several other roads were closed on Highway 52 east of Portland and north of Oak Grove.

Sumner County Road Superintendent Toby Ellis said the area is coming out of a drought period.
During that time, he said leaves fell into the ditches and blocked the culvert pipes, so the rain didn’t have a place to drain and overflowed into the roadway.

Ellis said he thinks the rain they received Wednesday pushed out the worst of the debris, but they don’t know what is still left or what could resurface in the days to come.

“If we get even a substantial downpour, we could get more roads that are affected over the northern county,” said Weidner.

Weidner said they rescued one person from their car Wednesday morning after they drove through high water.

“Everybody needs to have that situational awareness and don’t drive in the water, period,” said Weider. “If you see water, turn around. That’s the bottom line in regard to not getting into trouble.”