Street parking rates, fines could increase in Nashville

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Parking prices and fines could increase in Nashville as the city looks to take on a vendor to handle parking services. 

The city is taking bids for a private company to take over its street parking system. 

Among the changes, free parking would start later, at 10:00 p.m. each night. The city would also end free parking on Sundays. 

According to a release from Mayor David Briley’s office, parking rates would go up by $0.25 “with periodic adjustments tied to inflation thereafter.” 

The city also proposes an increase in parking fines. Nashville currently fines drivers $11 for an expired meter and $16 for staying over the maximum time limit. The fine would increase to $25. 

Nashville also wants to double the number of parking meters in the city. 

Companies have to turn in their bids by Friday. 

The city wants at least $17 million upfront and then it’ll split the revenue with the company. 

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