LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) – Winds reached up to 55 yo 65 miles per hour in some areas in Middle Tennessee early Tuesday morning. 

One campground in Lebanon saw significant damage.

“It just kept getting louder and louder and louder,” Bill Nemuth said. 

From rolling thunder and hail to cleaning up the following day, the sounds have come all too familiar for the people at K-O-A Campground in Lebanon.

“After the 2020 tornado, we are all kind of on edge about it. After something like that it is definitely more concerning, it worries you,” said Ryan Kaly. 

While the damage doesn’t compare to 2020, the trauma still lingers.   

“A trailer three down got knocked off its foundation and got moved two or three feet,” Nemuth said.   

Nemuth told News 2 he got into his safe space minutes before the storm was over the campground.

“There were probably 25 people out here at 2:30 this morning, moving trees and checking on people…Big-time trees were flying everywhere, and my car got smashed but we are lucky,” he said.

Community members feel lucky that the damage wasn’t worse as they prepare for severe weather season.

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“It’s frustrating the weather changes have been extreme,” Nemuth said.  

No one was injured at the K-O-A Campground. The owner, Kaly, said management is considering putting in a storm or tornado shelter after Tuesday night’s storms.