FAIRVIEW, Tenn. (WKRN) — Wednesday’s storms knocked a tree through a woman’s bedroom in Williamson County.

“I looked out and it was one of those real hard rains and stuff and then I got up to look out and that’s when I started hearing… I could actually the first time in my life ever.. like they say a train sound,” recalled Carla Claibourn. “Then the alarm went off again and I yelled “Darren, where are you?” and all of a sudden I heard a crash in the back bedroom. And luckily, my grandson was in his bedroom.”

Claibourn lived in a mobile home in the Fairview area with her grandson. She said her neighbors sprang into action clearing the tree from her home and putting a tarp over the roof. She said she has been told she has to move as the home is a total loss.

“I’m blessed considering… I could’ve lost it all. It could’ve been gone but now I really don’t know what I’m going to do,” she said. “I gotta find another place to move to because this is a total loss and with my grandson on disability, me on disability.”

Claibourn has reached out to the American Red Cross and hopes to get assistance through them.

Amanda Gasiecki shared pictures showing additional damage in the Fairview area. There was damage to a gas station station as well as many trees and power lines down.

The Fairview Fire Department said a significant storm passed through the city. There were multiple reports of wires and trees down throughout and their crews worked multiple calls.