STEWART COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Authorities from Stewart County reportedly made a 1,230-mile round trip earlier this week in order to pick up a man wanted for two counts of forcible rape of a child.

Wesley L. Clark. (Source: Stewart County Sheriff’s Office)

According to the Stewart County Sheriff’s Office, 54-year-old Wesley Clark of Indian Mound was taken into custody in Michigan on indictments from a Stewart County grand jury.

Officials said Sgt. Dale Burchett and Deputy Larry Boren traveled to Saginaw, Michigan on Monday, Oct. 3 in order to bring Clark back.

“Stewart County Sheriff’s Office has a ‘ZERO’ Tolerance when it comes to avoiding answering for crimes committed in Stewart County. Many offenders leave this county hoping to avoid prosecution by putting distance between them and our county’s judicial system,” the sheriff’s office posted on Facebook on Tuesday, Oct. 4. “Some jurisdictions limit how far they will travel to pick up and bring back a person wanted for crimes.”