BIG ROCK, Tenn. (WKRN) — Northwest of Nashville in Stewart County, a number of families have been left with few options after an EF2, 400-yard-wide tornado touched down.

Brea and Shannon Buchanan say their Big Rock home is destroyed, but they are extremely grateful everyone is okay.

“The tree came through the back half the house which is where my kitchen is and exited here which is my living room,” Brea said.

According to the National Weather Service, the Stewart County tornado had max wind speeds of 125 miles per hour, traveling for 18 miles and impacting a number of lives.

“The noise from it when it came through it was nothing like I ever heard,” Brea said.

The infamous train sound left behind a scene of tarps and tree trunks as these two and their neighbors now work to clean up.

“It happened so fast all I could think about was my wife, my son, my daughter, son-in-law. I’m just happy my granddaughter wasn’t here,” Shannon said, adding that all he was thinking about in the moment is that he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt.

Thankfully, his wish came true, everyone is okay.

Now, the family, that lost nearly everything is spreading a word of encouragement for others to help out.

“We’re just trying to to make do with what we got because we got nowhere else to go,” Brea said. “Be there for people and help them out.

Meanwhile, first responders in Stewart County say the most significant damage is in the Big Rock and Bumpus Mills areas. A number of power lines remain down, with trees and debris all making the areas unsafe.

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If possible, you are being asked to avoid the area.