NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Strong words Monday from a majority of Metro’s Councilmembers in response to the Tennessee’s new COVID-19 laws passed by the Tennessee General Assembly in a Special Session over the weekend. They called the laws a new set of “overreaching rules” that are “unprecedented and dangerous.”

Metro Council members believe the new laws were intended to limit Metro’s authority.

Some of the bills approved include prohibiting vaccine requirements, prohibiting proof of vaccine to enter facilities, prohibiting proof of vaccine to gain admission into entertainment venues, prohibiting schools from issuing mask mandates except under extreme circumstances, and the State commissioner of health will have the sole power to quarantine a person due to COVID, to close or limit a private business or school due to COVID.

Council members sent Nashville Mayor John Cooper a letter asking for a report that clarifies all the ways the new laws “limit any of Metro’s discretion or authority.” The letter reads in part: “The residents of Davidson County deserve a thorough discussion of the clear ramifications of these new laws as well as any gray areas where the State and the city may interpret language differently.”

They also asked for the report for no later than 14 days from November 1, 2021.

The second request was to have the Mayor’s office “explore all of its options in the face of these new laws” in order to find work arounds or litigation that would clarify the city’s authority.

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