NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A line of Starlink satellites will be visible across Middle Tennessee Monday around 7:33 PM for only four minutes.

Sunday night the flashing lights in the sky were visible in Tullahoma and Monday they will be seen just southwest of McMinnville.

But what are these satellites and what do they do? Starlink is SpaceX’s internet satellite network that puts satellites in a constellation pattern at a low-earth orbit in order to supply internet in spots that may be more rural or can’t get stable ground-based internet.

They are constantly launching more satellites into the atmosphere and the reason we can see them is because of the most recent launch that took place at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, in Florida.

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The satellites were attached to Falcon 9 and now there are more than 4,500 Starlink satellites in orbit. Don’t be shocked if these blinking lights pop up more often now.