SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. (WKRN) — Confusion over the city of Springfield’s storm warning system pushed city leaders to stop using its severe thunderstorm sirens.

Back in July, the city installed a brand new system to automatically activate its storm sirens for severe weather alerts, where the thunderstorm warning sounded very similar to their tornado siren.

“It was a little bit confusing for me. The tornado sirens going off, I’ve always been used to that with tornadoes, and with it being for the thunderstorms, I just really had to make sure to educate myself about what was the difference between them,” Springfield resident Hannah Sadler said.

When the city sent out a reminder about the weather siren changes on their Facebook page a few days ago, many residents expressed their concerns, asking to get rid of the thunderstorm warning and just use the tornado warning from now on.

“That was the one that created the confusion. We tried that one, and we received a lot of feedback, a lot of valuable feedback, and had some great conversations with our residents and our customers. Ultimately, that wasn’t something our residents found beneficial. They found it confusing and created some unnecessary panic,” Springfield City Manager Ryan Martin said.

City leaders listened to the feedback, apologized to residents for any inconvenience and confusion, and ultimately removed the severe thunderstorm warning, putting the system back to a tornado warning only.

“If something that we’re doing doesn’t have that effect, then we need to do away with that and that’s what we did,” Martin said.