SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) — An armed and dangerous bandit is still on the loose after holding up two Spring Hill store clerks.

The aggravated armed robbery took place Friday, Jan. 7, during the height of the winter storm.

That’s when an armed bandit walked into the Quick Mart in the 500 block of Main Street with a gun hidden under a towel. Once he reached the female clerks, he stuck that gun in their faces.

According to Spring Hill police, that man is Darrell Dwayne Wilson. Store surveillance shows him terrorizing the two female clerks, forcing them onto the floor of the kitchen.

The bandit stole an undisclosed amount of money from the safe, then fled from the store.

According to the Tennessee Department of Corrections, the 39-year-old was serving an eight-year sentence and was released in May of 2021.

According to Maury County Jail records, Wilson has an arrest history dating back 20 years, starting with harassment, and then in 2007, escalating to aggravated robbery.

After the robbery, on Spring Hill police bodycam video, you hear officers asking the clerks what happened.

Officer: “Were you the one working the register when this happened?”

Clerk: “No. We were both in the kitchen.”

Lt. Mike Foster of the SHPD said it is disturbing to see the two women forced to the floor of their store.

“It’s unfortunate. People just trying to make an honest living had to go through that. They don’t deserve that,” Lt. Foster said.

Again, on bodycam video, you can hear the officers trying to garner more information from the clerks.

Officer: “Was he pointing his gun at you?

Clerk: “He said, ‘hurry up. hurry up.’ He goes, ‘nobody will get hurt. Hurry up.’ So, I open the safe and he just grabbed everything there.”

While officers talked to the clerks inside, other officers, armed with flashlights, searched for clues outside the store, finding tracks in the snow.

According to police, an LPR hit took officers to the Maury County home of Darrell Wilson approximately three hours after the robbery.

Officers approached cautiously, noticing lights on inside the home.

After a few moments, there was a lot of commotion with officers screaming that Darrell Wilson had rushed out a side door and was running through the icy neighborhood.

Officers pursued, but Wilson disappeared into the darkness.

Lt. Foster commented on Wilson allegedly robbing another store at gunpoint seven months after getting out of prison for the same crimes.

“Right, it’s unfortunate he has not turned his life around and gotten onto the straight and narrow,” Lt. Foster lamented. “So he is basically doing what he did to get him in prison.”

Police told News 2 a search warrant of the car and the home yielded evidence that positively puts Darrell Wilson at the scene of the crime.

Officers confirmed they didn’t find a gun, meaning the ex-con could still be armed and dangerous.

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Spring Hill police say crime stoppers money could be available for information that leads to an arrest.