SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) – Overdoses, threats of fentanyl, and unresponsive people in public places. Sadly, it is the new norm in America.

That includes Spring Hill, where officers saw their fair share of drug related problems over a three-day stretch.

It started this past weekend where officers were called to two separate overdoses.

Officials say officers had to use narcan on two people who were overdosed and became unresponsive, bringing them back to life.

Two days later, officers were called to a convenience store at around 8 a.m. Tuesday morning where they were again met by unconscious motorists and drugs.

“It’s just a growing epidemic,” Lt. Justin Whitwell said.

Spring Hill body camera footage shows officers approaching a car parked at the gas pumps. A 38-year-old Antioch woman was slumped behind the wheel. Officers knocked aggressively, waking the woman up.

She opened the door and appeared groggy as officers asked her if she was okay.

At one point, the officer asked the woman if she knew where she was.

The woman though for a moment and then replied, “Murfreesboro.” She said she recently ingested meth and handed over a bottle of pills that police are currently testing. The woman will also soon be charged with her fifth DUI.

At the same time, store patrons contacted police alerting them to another car parked closer to the store where a man and woman were also unconscious. The woman behind the wheel was found with heroin in her lap, while the man in the passenger was found with drug paraphernalia in his pocket.

There were also syringes in the car, some of which were loaded with what officers say is heroin.

Whitwell labeled this weekend a sad, new normal where people take hard drugs and overdose, many in public. Weapons are still a concern, but so too are drugs, fentanyl, and invisible things that can harm officers, according to Whitwell.

“It does seem like the new pandemic. Officers don’t know what they are running into when they approach these cars. Now we have to worry about paraphernalia that might infect the officers, and the drugs we come across and all we have to do is breathe deep and it could infect the officers,” Whitwell said.

Spring Hill police charged all three people at the convenience store.

The two people who overdosed and were revived this past weekend were not charged.