SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Spring Hill Police Department (SHPD) is issuing a warning after multiple vehicles were broken into and stolen from three apartment complexes over the holiday.

According to investigators, a 2014 Honda, a 2018 Nissan Rogue and a 2013 Dodge Ram with a 16-foot enclosed trailer were taken.

It’s unclear whether the thefts were connected or committed by the same people.

So far, nobody has been arrested, but according to SHPD, Columbia Police have recovered the trailer and one of the stolen vehicles.

“So, we had a couple days where we had three vehicles stolen from apartment complexes in the city which is unusual for us, because normally we may take two or three in an entire year,” said Lt. Mike Foster of SHPD.

On the body cam video, you can hear officers speaking to victims at the three apartment complexes where the crimes took place.

The first report comes in the morning of Nov. 25 from an apartment complex on Kedron Parkway.

Officer: “So, you believe it was stolen?”
Officer: “This is where you parked it?”
Officer: “Take the keys with you?”
Victim 1: “I don’t know. I can’t find them, so probably they’re in the car.”
Officer: “So, you may have the keys in the vehicle? Okay.”

The next day, police responded to a second apartment complex on Villa Place.

Officer: “Do you remember where you parked it?”
Victim 2: “Yes, right next to where my girlfriend’s car is now.”

Again, the victim admitted he left his keys in the glove box.

Officer: “You sure you locked it?”
Victim 2: “Yeah, I brought the key with me.”
Officer: “But you had one in the glove box.”
Victim 2: “Yeah, I had one in the glove box.”

Later that day, officers responded to Revere Place where another victim had left another key in another stolen vehicle. This time the Dodge Ram was attached to an expensive 16-foot trailer full of expensive carpentry tools.

Victim 3: “Unless you know where the fob is you have to search it.”
Officer: “Do you have anyone who knows where the key is.”
Victim 3: “No, just me and him.”

Police tell News 2, people must be more vigilant.

“Well, we are entering the holiday season and people are purchasing gifts for others and may forget and leave them in their vehicles, so you have a lot of people looking for the opportunity to steal those high-value items,” Foster said.

Police say it’s simple: lock your cars, take your keys.

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While police did recover the trailer, the family told News 2, unfortunately, it was banged up and the axle was broken. The red pickup truck is still missing.