NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Commuters stretching from Davidson to Maury counties are one step closer to finding relief on the roads.

Jennifer Boone said she drives part of it every single day.

“I see this traffic here every day – 431 – it’s everywhere, it’s awful,” said Boone. “It’s not getting better. Something ought to be done about it, but what the solution is, who knows?”

The possible solution could come from the South Corridor Study.

Eight months in, it’s now entering a new phase.

“We are now beginning round two of our public outreach,” said Michelle Lacewell, Deputy Director for the Greater Nashville Regional Council or GNRC.

The GNRC, TDOT, and WeGo Public Transit are all behind the study.

“We are taking that information in-house and evaluating it with the potential options that could be viable,” said Lacewell.

The upcoming round of public outreach in August will focus on more specific commuter questions.

“Where do you want to go? How often do you want to get there?” said Lacewell describing examples.

The takeaways so far in the study begin with delayed commutes.

“Where ever they are, where ever they live or work, they’ve experienced a slow down in their commute to and from work,” said Lacewell.

Also, the busy corridors – State Route 6, U-S 31 Franklin Pike, the I-65 corridor, and the CSX corridor.

Lacewell described the possible solutions, from investing in existing services like buses to creating something similar to the I-24 SMART Corridor.

“Which technologies are actually feasible? And so that means, is there going to be ridership based on future growth and development potential? Is the environment physically supported, right-of-way challenges?” said Lacewell.

Upcoming South Corridor Study Public Input Meetings:

Monday, August 26 – 800 Metro Office Building, Nashville (Howard Office Campus)
Tuesday, August 27 – Brentwood Library, 8109 Concord Rd, Brentwood
Wednesday, August 28 – Brookdale Senior Living, 910 Murfreesboro Rd, Franklin
Thursday, August 29 –Memorial Building, 308 W 7th St, Columbia