Son of Shelby Golf Course murder victim talks life after loss

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The son of a man who was killed at an East Nashville golf course is holding onto hope that justice will be found.

Metro Police told News 2, detectives are pursuing leads in the Shelby Golf Course murder of 71-year-old George Carpenter.

For the past two weeks, life for Jason Carpenter has been a blur.

“You can’t see anything clearly. Pretty strange,” said Carpenter. “Not being able to call him is probably the toughest part.”

Just a day before his 44th birthday, Jason’s father, George, was shot and killed leaving work at Shelby.

“He was supposed to move in with me at the end of this month. He was going to travel the country to play other courses, that was the plan,” said Carpenter. “It’s senseless for what happened, but it’s heinous because it was him. He was such a good guy.”

The spot where his truck was parked that fateful night is soon to be blocked off permanently.

The memorial has been growing with each life George touched.

“I’ve met so many ppl that it’s like I’ve gotten to know him again through other people,” said Jason. “My dad loved everybody, and everybody loved my dad.”

The process of grieving has also shed light on the impact George had on others.

“The gravity the effect he had on people in that initial meeting,” said Jason. “I’ve read stories of people who live in Minnesota and played golf and mentioned dad and posted online about it.”

Jason said that’s because Shelby turned into his dream retirement.

It was a place he worked, played and shared his love of people and wildlife.

“He would sit here and the squirrel would come up and eat out of his hand. He was the only one that could feed it,” said Jason.

But the circumstances surrounding George’s murder still leaves many questions.

Jason said there has been a lot of speculation surrounding his father’s murder, like robbery.

But if it was, Jason said it was a horrible attempt.

“It’s unreasonable to think it’s such a random thing out here being where you have to go,” said Jason. “That it was just somebody who happened upon him. I think somebody intentionally targeted him.”

As detectives continue to pursue leads, Jason said he’s hopeful that one day he’ll get closure.

“Trying to keep this out there because somebody will see this some day, hopefully soon,” said Jason. “Something will come of this.”

To memorialize George’s life, a cedar bench is being built and will be placed where George liked to sit and watch the golfers as they finished nine holes.

A celebration of life will be held at Shelby Golf Course Oct. 13th at 9:30 am – the public is welcome to attend.

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