Some Tennesseans observe governor’s day of prayer and fasting

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Some Tennesseans at the urging of Governor Bill Lee spent the day praying and fasting.

The governor earlier this week reiterated why he felt it was important to declare such a day. 

“Providing an opportunity for people to come together and unite around asking for the blessing of this state and people of this state is valuable,” said Lee.

Governor Lee, who campaigned as a man of faith before taking office this past January, says he declared the day after being encouraged by prayers from others for him and his wife Maria, but there has been some pushback in the social media world where the governor made his announcement.

“This is a voluntary day,” said the governor. “Anyone can or cannot, should or should not participate as they want to.”

At the Capitol, top legislative and Tennessee government leaders came together for a brief meeting of the commission approving state building construction and repair.

“Given the shape the world is in, maybe we should pray more,” said Lt. Governor Randy McNally after the meeting.

Along with maybe praying more, McNally said he’s also been fasting.

“The only thing I have had is Propel–some sort of energy drink that has water and electrolytes,” added Lt. Governor McNally.

After the same building commission meeting, Republican House Speaker Cameron Sexton said a day of prayer should be seen as nothing unusual.

“We have a national day of prayer as well that Congress had designated a certain day in May every year so this is not out of the ordinary,” said Speaker Sexton.

The governor earlier this week said that on this day he would be at his farm outside of Nashville praying and fasting.

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