NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — You’ve felt the pain each time you’ve pulled out your wallet to pay for your groceries, and while many of us are bracing for what’s to come when planning holiday meals, some grocery stores are ready to step up.

It’s no surprise, but the cost of gathering your family around the table later this month is going to be a little more than in years past.

If you want to go and just get a couple of things that would usually cost you $20, you’re spending somewhere between 40 and 60 bucks,” said shopper Carmela Brosnan. “That is crazy. You can’t feed your kids.”

Market research firm IRI says you’ll end up spending about 13.5% more. Among the reasons being blamed for the rise in prices is extreme weather, like this year’s drought, as well as the contagious avian flu.

But now some stores are announcing promotions leading customers to be thankful a little early.

“Love going to Aldi’s. You get your dollars’ worth, right and you get great stuff too,” Brosnan said.

Aldi is rewinding prices back to 2019, which the company says would lead to discounts of up to 30% for some items. That promotion has kicked off already this week and goes until Nov. 29.

Then there’s Walmart. It is not traveling back in time that far but is returning its customers to last year with 2021 prices not just for Thanksgiving but extending until Dec. 26.

As for other grocery chains, don’t be surprised to see more holiday offerings on the horizon.

Each year, the American Farm Bureau Federation releases the expected cost for a Thanksgiving meal. That is due out later this month.

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But for 2021, the average cost for a feast feeding 10 was $53.31. That was less than $6 per person.