So, when will your driveway and neighborhood streets be clear?

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Temperatures reached the 40s for highs in most areas Saturday afternoon, but your driveway and neighborhood streets (off of the cleared main roads) are likely still covered in snow or ice.

Typical neighborhood street

Why is that? And when will they clear?

First off, this ice and snow pack is very thick. Remember, we had an inch or more of sleet followed by 2-5 inches of snow. That all packed down into a thick layer of ice and snow.

Also, the white color of snow and ice reflects the sun’s rays back to space and does not allow the road or driveway to absorb them and make heat.

So, even when the temperature gets over 32 degrees, it is slow to melt. Saturday night’s 20s certainly aren’t going to help.

Sunday we are expecting mid-50s in the afternoon which is better, but you may still have some snow and ice on your driveway and back roads.

Shower chances late Sunday night into Monday morning will be a big help with temperatures above freezing, but my guess is that it may take until Monday during the day to really see the biggest improvements.

Maybe a shovel meanwhile!

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