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Snake appears in Virginia Beach man's toilet

James Hooper thought he was being pranked

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) - A Virginia Beach man made an unexpected discovery when he went to the bathroom in his home on Minden Road on Thursday. A snake was slithering around in his toilet!

At first, James Hooper figured someone was playing a prank on him. He thought it was a rubber snake. But then he saw the snake start moving around and its tongue sticking out.

Hooper yelled for his roommate, Kenny Spruill, who grabbed a fishing pole which he used to fish out the creature.

Animal Control responded and has since learned that the snake had been missing for a couple weeks. The owner of the snake picked it up from the animal shelter Friday morning. 

Animal Control told Hooper it was a Ball Python. The snake is about three feet long. It was not injured in the ordeal.

James Hooper snapped some photos, which he posted on Facebook and shared with WAVY.com.

He's lived there about 11 years and has never seen anything like this and hopes he never does again. 



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