SMYRNA, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s been over a week since a beloved gas station clerk was killed in Smyrna.

Now, the community is stepping up to help by purchasing gas Thursday.

“I’ll pass ten gas stations to come here just for this reason, to donate to this guy’s memorial,” said James Livingston

That guy was Nick Patterson, a nine-year employee at the Twice Daily gas station off Stonecrest Parkway in Smyrna.

“Nick was one of the most remarkable people I’ve probably ever met,” said CiCi Sulls.

Sulls was Nick’s boss and said Nick was the heartbeat of their gas station.

“He helped everybody that came in here,” she said. “He knew every customer’s name, what they wanted and he always had it ready for them at the registers before they could even get to the counter.”

But Tuesday, August 30, his life was cut short when police say an armed robber entered the store and fatally shot him.

“I come here and it was a shame,” said Kerwin Strong. “It’s just a useless, ridiculous shame. It’s a life.”

A life the community loved.

So what better way to honor his life than with a fundraiser tied to getting gas?

“Immediately the company and the team were all talking trying to figure out exactly what we were going to do because we were definitely going to do something,” said Sulls.

So for every gallon of gas purchased, 50 cents will go to support his family, something customers were glad to do.

“It was a good thing that we can come back and put a positive on top of a negative,” said Strong.

While this event won’t bring Nick back, Sulls hopes this fundraiser will be a way for everyone to honor his life.

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“This is something that’s small that we can do to honor his family and who he was as a person,” she said.