SMYRNA, Tenn. (WKRN) — On a Thursday morning inside the Cornerstone United Methodist Church, you’ll find generosity flowing.

People trickle into the small Smyrna church to donate blood while feet away, Baker Raborn reflects.

“You never want your family member to be on that table in the ER and then be short of blood,” he said.

But two years ago, that situation fell upon Raborn’s daughter, Addie.

“She was in and out literally asking us if she was going to make it or not…as she was in and out of consciousness,” he said.

Addie was pregnant, dealing with terrible cramps when she was rushed to the hospital and soon learned she was suffering an ectopic pregnancy.

“What’s amazing is they ran out of my blood type,” Raborn said.

Raborn and his daughter are both A positive, but that blood supply ran out as doctors worked to save Addie’s life.

“When she ruptured, they started putting blood in her, next thing I know they’re having to put O (blood) in her,” Raborn recalled.

Thanks to doctors and the blood, Addie’s life was saved, but that experience changed things for Raborn.

“There’s a national crisis going on right now with the blood supply,” said Max Winitz.

Winitz works for Blood Assurance, a non-profit regional blood center in Nashville, and said for the last two years their blood supply has remained at critical levels.

“Over the past several weeks there has been days we have less than a one day supply, even a half day supply of certain blood types,” Winitz said.

With less than a two day supply of both O positive and negative blood to provide to over 70 hospitals, more blood is desperately needed as the holidays approach.

“This is the time of year we need to make sure we’re doing everything possible to alert the public that the blood needs to be on our shelves before Thanksgiving, before Christmas, ready to go before those unfortunate traumatic situations,” Winitz said.

That’s why Raborn hosts a blood drive in his daughter’s name every year, as a way to say thank you and hopefully save someone else’s life.

“I really would love for everybody that can give to give, because you don’t want to run short if somebody you love is in there needing it,” he said.

Raborn worked with the American Red Cross for Thursday’s blood drive. You can find more information about donating blood or hosting your own drive at this link.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to get involved with Blood Assurance, you can find more information here.