ROBERTSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — It was a chaotic bus ride in Robertson County after a smoke device went off. 

The Robertson County School District said a high school student will receive disciplinary action after yesterday’s incident. 

The video given to News 2 captured red smoke billowing throughout a Robertson County school bus. 

“Well, there was obviously a lot of yelling and some of the kids just tried to cover up and take cover,” Mike said.

Mike only wanted to share his first name with News 2. He said his son’s bus just left Jo Byrns High School. Students were heading to their vocational classes in Springfield when a high school student deployed the device.  

“I know one of the kids, their shoes were damaged,” Mike said.  

He said eventually the device was thrown out the window but remnants remained.   

“My main concern was the safety of the kids. I feel like they should have been evacuated by the bus in the safe area,” Mike said. 

According to the Robertson County School District, kids were not evacuated from the school bus and the bus driver was able to get to their final destination.  

“And my big concern is that the bus drivers need some sort of protocol, just as if there was a fire on the bus you think they would stop the bus and evacuate the kids but that wasn’t done,” Mike said. 

Mike said his biggest concern is parents weren’t notified about the incident.  

“Due to the school being closed today there was no opportunity to contact somebody from the school, and I feel that parents need answers,” Mike said. 

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Robertson County School District released the following statement: 

“On Monday, Jan 30, a Robertson County Schools student deployed a smoke device on a district bus while the bus was in motion.  

Prompt action on the part of the driver averted any serious safety concerns and the bus continued to its destination without any further issues.  

The student who initiated the incident is being dealt with according to district disciplinary procedures.”