NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – As weather alerts continue throughout Middle Tennessee, a group of friends is sounding the alarm, urging people to slow down on icy roads.

Trevor Sheldon, Sarah Williams and Michaela D’Ambra were all headed back to Nashville from Upstate New York, where they are all originally from.

Trevor and his girlfriend Sarah recently moved to Nashville.

Normally the drive into Nashville from Kentucky is a quiet one, but during cold weather the roads can become dangerous.

Traveling through Kentucky into Nashville, icy road conditions resulted in three friends going to the hospital, and their car totaled.

“I just told her that everything was going to be okay, and to stay calm and just keep control of the car, but pretty much at that point we had just lost all control,” explained Trevor Sheldon, remembering the moment before the car wreck.

Michaela was behind the wheel, with Trevor in the passenger seat and Sarah laying down in the backseat when Michaela felt what she described as slush on the road. Suddenly, ice took control of the car.

“As soon as I tried to correct it, as soon as I braked, we lost all control. There was no way for me to know that it was black ice, especially because I was driving,” D’Ambra said.

“Looking at the car, we shouldn’t be alive, it just looks so crazy,” D’Ambra continued, remembering how the car spun, flipped completely over and hit nearby rocks.

“I looked at the car and then I looked at all of us, and we were all just standing, staring at each other and I was just in disbelief that we were physically standing at that point,” Williams said.

Trevor Sheldon walked away from the accident with a fractured neck. His girlfriend, Sarah Williams is expected to make a full recovery with 2 compression fractures in her lower lumbar spine.

Williams explained how one by one, they were able to crawl out one of the backseat windows that had shattered during the wreck. Although they felt fine at first, adrenaline started to go away.

Sheldon, still wearing a neck brace, had fractured his neck. Williams has two compression fractures in her lower lumbar spine, and D’Ambra sustained whiplash injuries, suffering from a concussion.

“I couldn’t move. I was sitting in the Troopers truck and I was so stiff, and at that point they had to put me on the gurney and get me into the ambulance,” said Sheldon.

While all three of them are from Upstate New York, they say driving in the snow is nothing new for them. However, they explained the unexpected can happen.

“Try not to panic; it’s really scary,” D’Ambra said.

All three say they wanted to share their experience, hoping it would serve as a reminder for others to drive safely.

Due to the injuries sustained in the crash, the group of friends is all out of work. A close friend has set up a GoFundMe page to help with medical bills and purchasing a new car.