As it gets closer to the big NFL Draft event in downtown Nashville, more downtown bars are getting rented out by the city and NFL officials. 

News 2 first reported ACME Feed and Seed will be serving as the hub for the NFL Draft, but we have now learned that they have also rented out Hard Rock Café and Ole Red, according to the NCVC. 

Additionally, the tourism arm of the city says they have locked in Rock Bottom Brewery and Nashville Underground as their private spots to host partners and sponsors. 

“The CVC you know they brought the draft here, so we are extremely excited to host them,” said Joey DeGraw owner of Nashville Underground. 

He says all staff will be on deck as the NCVC has rented the bar and restaurant for three says during the NFL Draft. 

“It’s a beautiful rooftop you know they get to oversee everybody else and keep an eye on everything and make sure the NFL is happy.” 

It’s not just any rooftop, DeGraw says it is the tallest downtown from the sidewalk to the top. 

“This building was grandfathered for two levels of rooftop. Nobody can ever do that again, so because of that, our second level up is about 20 feet or so higher than our next-door neighbors’ rooftop,” DeGraw explained. 

While many of the bars have been gobbled up by officials, Butch Spyridon with the NCVC says there is plenty of business to be had downtown. 

“For me, being on a rooftop at one of our local bars, looking down Broadway and either seeing an a-list artist or the NFL in town, is exactly what we are going for and the experience we want to deliver. Everything will be activated, not everything will be open to the public except the draft itself and the fan experience,” said Spyridon. 

While it’s not open to the public, DeGraw says Nashville Underground will serve as host for potential big business clients in Nashville. 

“They use events like this to court other events so when people come in from out of town, they say look we are able to put this on, we could do this for you,” he explained. 

DeGraw says events of this magnitude are important for the future of Music City, as the majority of Davidson County’s tax revenue comes from downtown businesses. 

“These are big things that are very important not just for visibility, but for raising money for infrastructure and what not.” 

The NCVC says some of the space the NFL has committed to using will be for fans as well. There will be more details as it gets closer to the NFL Draft that kicks off Apr. 25.