SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A pastor’s quest to return home to Shelbyville from India just got more complicated.

News 2 has been following this story for months.

For the Nerren family in Shelbyville, the past 24 hours turned from so much hope for Bryan Nerren’s return from a remote village in India to so much disappointment.

“We don’t know the next step,” said Kevin Nerren, Bryan’s son. “We don’t have a plan.”

The pivotal moment was a scheduled court hearing on Thursday in India on Bryan’s fate.

“The judge decided that report wasn’t good enough. He wanted more info, he wanted customs to explicitly say that his passport should be returned. Now, we’re stuck,” said Kevin.

Key to Bryan’s return to the U.S. is getting his passport back.

In October of 2019, India custom’s officials arrested Bryan for failing to declare money he brought for a religious conference.

Bryan was fined about $4,000.

“He’s tired, so exhausted, and so disappointed because he’s tried so hard, fought so hard, done everything they’ve asked, and obviously nothing is good enough,” said Kevin.

It’s a nightmare going on 104 days and counting for the family.

Bryan has since paid off the fine.

“This was the fifth hearing we’ve had and the previous four hearings have all been disappointments,” said Kevin. “Every time they failed us.”

Kevin said Tennessee lawmakers and U.S. ambassadors have been helpful, but so much is out of his control.

“Only other thing to blame is the bureaucracy in India,” said Kevin.

Kevin said his father is requesting letters to customs to write him another report to fulfill the judge’s request.

In the meantime, his family is hoping a representative from the U.S. Embassy will help get higher diplomats involved.

“If the judge or customs wanted this to end, it would’ve been done months ago,” said Kevin. “But here we are, 103 or four days since his arrest and they’re just playing games.”

No next court date has been set.

The family’s biggest hope now is that Vice President Mike Pence, possible even President Donald Trump will help in their quest to bring Bryan home.