LA VERGNE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A La Vergne resident came home from a three-day trip to discover his truck missing, only to find out later it had been towed for a flat tire. 

Greenway Trail Cottages Eli Steele got back from a weekend trip to Miami on Tuesday to make the shocking discovery.   

“I didn’t know what happened. At first, I thought my truck was stolen, and so I’m looking around and trying to figure things out,” Steele said. 

After talking to his neighbor, he learned it was towed. 

“And I was like why did they tow my truck, you know? I didn’t have anything wrong I thought or anything,” Steele said. 

The sign next to his truck is generic, with no tow company number, so Steele called his homeowners association. He then got the number for South Side Towing. News 2 did spot a sign with the company name on it several blocks away from Steele’s home at an entrance he doesn’t even use.    

Steele eventually learned he was towed for a flat tire he didn’t know about, and couldn’t get his truck back until around 1 a.m. Wednesday after paying $291. 

“They can literally come tow your vehicle if they feel that it is in the wrong or inoperable or your tags are expired. I understand the tags expired, but in this case, my tags are up to date and they towed by truck because I had a quote, unquote flat tire,” Steele said.  

Steele said his truck belonged to his dad, who passed, and he now drives it in his memory. With its rims and the cold weather, he keeps a pump inside for such reasons.  

At the end of the day, he calls the situation unfair. 

“As we all know, when you’re paying your mortgage and you live somewhere, I feel like somebody came and took my property off of my property without me knowing,” Steele said. “Leave a sticker, give them at least a seven-day, maybe 48-hour, just seven-day grace period, that way you can know that your car is going to be towed,” Steele explained. 

Steele would also like his $300 reimbursed by his HOA, Ghertner and Company. 

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“I just hope this helps with everybody that lives over here, all these other HOAs over there that are doing this kind of shady business, hiring these different tow companies to tow on site without having any questions asked, no notices given, things of that nature. You never know if somebody might not be able to afford their mortgage that month because of that $300 that this person took from them,” Steele said.