GALLATIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – When Gallatin police went to arrest a sex offender with a lengthy criminal history and a probation violation warrant, things quickly escalated as he ran into the Sumner County Administration Building and hid in a women’s restroom on the third floor before falling through the ceiling.

Body camera video shows the events unfold on Aug. at around 3:08 p.m.

Tennessee Department of Correction officials in Gallatin called Gallatin police to come and arrest 31-year-old Nashron Wade.

When officers arrived at the office, they found the sex offender and ex-con in his car.

On body camera, you can hear the officer talk to the wanted man.

“You wanna step out for me, okay?” the police officer said.

“Am I getting locked up?” Wade asked.

“You got a warrant step. Step out of the car, please,” the officer ordered.

The officer then tried to open the door, causing Wade to hit the gas pedal and speed away. Moments later, he crashed his car into a tree and made a run for it.

Witnesses told police the man fled into the Sumner County Administration Building. It’s not long before officers tracked the wanted felon to the third floor ladies room.

“We know you are in there Nashron,” an officer could be heard saying.

When officers entered, they found Wade falling through the ceiling in a stall. The situation grew tense as officers kicked in the stall door and then shouted for Wade to show his hands.

Surprisingly, Wade hid behind ceiling material, and at one point was on his cell phone making a call while officers had their tasers pointed at him.

After many attempts to get the suspect to surrender peacefully, officers eventually had to wrestle him to the ground. While Wade still resisted, officers used their tasers to make him comply.

Captain Lamar Ballard explains the sequence of events.

“You can see the officers give him plenty of opportunity to comply,” Lt. Lamar Ballard with the Gallatin Police Department said. “He actually pulls a cell phone out of his pocket and starts using the cell phone, and that is when the officers actually apprehended him. He is hiding behind ceiling tile and decides to make a phone call, but officers used a lot of restraint in that situation, but after he didn’t comply they did taze him.”

Wade is in the Sumner County Jail and is charged with a slew of felonies, including evading and resisting arrest.

Tina Myers works in the Register of Deeds office. So does Holly Hemmrich, who was being sworn in that day as the new Register of Deeds for the county.

Both women say they watched the crazy events unfold in real time.

“It terrified me; it was very scary. It was horrible that something like that would happen in a county building” Hemmrich said.

“I saw the police right here at my door. It was scary because he was in the restroom across the hall there at first,” Myers added.

Both women credit Gallatin police with a quick response, bringing the potentially volatile sequence of events to a quick and reasonably calm conclusion.

“Our police force here in Gallatin is wonderful,” Hemmrich said.

According to the women, a woman was in the restroom when Wade entered. The women said she quickly left before he entered the ceiling. Hemmrich said the woman was still shook up the next day.

“I talked to her afterwards and asked if she was doing okay. She was still tore up the next day. I don’t think she knew, she just saw a man’s feet come in,” Hemmrich said.