CHARLOTTE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Dickson County deputies take a wanted sex offender off the street. The ex-con has a long history of violent felonies and is wanted by multiple jurisdictions.

According to the Dickson County Sheriff’s Office, on Oct. 13, the girlfriend of 32-year-old Clifton Stansberry filed a report alleging that he broke the woman’s phone and held her against her will.

Stansberry is a long-time violent offender with a 14-year history that includes attempted rape, aggravated burglary, and assaults.

Deputies tracked the convicted sex offender to a trailer in Charlotte on Oct. 19, and
around 5 pm they tried to arrest him. Deputies said he answered the door and shut it.

Investigators surrounded the house and waited many hours to make their move, finally using a pry tool to open the door. A K-9 officer led the way to a back bedroom where the convicted felon surrendered without incident.

“We were told he has made threats toward law enforcement in the past,” said Sgt. Jennifer Caruthers.

Clifton James Stansberry mugshot
Clifton James Stansberry (Courtesy: Dickson County Sheriff’s Office)

When arrested, Stansberry was not armed and surrendered peacefully.

“He wouldn’t show his hands initially, when they got in the room he put up his hands then put them down and so they were cautious approaching him, taking him into custody,” said Caruthers. “When we have a situation like this, we will take our time, it is on our side, if he is the only one in there, we’ll take time to do a thorough investigation, and make sure we have all the tools in our tool belt so that when we go through that door we are able to address whatever is on the other side of it.”

Stansberry declined to be interviewed at the Dickson County Jail. He is charged with domestic assault, false imprisonment, and vandalism.

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According to investigators, Madison County law enforcement officers also have arrest warrants for Stansberry for violation of the sex offender registry for life.