Several kayaks, canoes missing from Foggy Bottom Canoe after storms hit Middle Tennessee

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KINGSTON SPRINGS, Tenn. (WKRN) – A strong storm blew through the Middle Tennessee area last weekend, bringing with it strong winds and plenty of rain.

One of the areas hit hard was Foggy Bottom Canoe in Kingston Springs. Owners report thousands of dollars in equipment are still missing five days after the storm hit overnight Saturday into Sunday.

“We knew there were storms coming, but we didn’t know it was going to be as bad as it turned out,” said David Hutcherson.

Foggy Bottom has been family-owned and operated for 34 years. In that time, the business has survived through two major floods, the most recent happening Sunday.

His mother has owned and operated Foggy Bottom for the past 34 years. The family not only owns the business but also lives in a house on the property.

In the aftermath of the storm, boats were blown on top of each other like toys; the racks holding the equipment were ripped from the ground and left floating in the water. David says he remembers waking up in the middle of the night when the power went out. He says he quickly knew the water was rising fast. His mother, Pat Hutcherson, remembers him waking her up, and they both scrambled to grab important documents and family pictures, with the goal of getting to higher ground.

“Boats were upside down all over the place and the minute I look down there, I knew there were quite a few missing,” remembered Pat Hutcherson. On Friday, five days after the storm, the clean-up process was still underway, with nearly 30 kayaks and 50 canoes still missing from the business.

“A lot of money lost. I would imagine by now a couple of them are in the Cumberland River,” said David.

Luckily, the family says the damage doesn’t compare to the 2010 floods that devastated almost every corner of Middle Tennessee.

“In 2010 we lost everything,” Pat said.

Her son echoed his mother’s feelings saying, “The water got up to our attic in our house. So it was about 15 feet higher in 2010 than it was this time.”

The most recent storm wreaked havoc in many communities, catching this family by surprise, and causing some heartache for the Hutchersons after two of their cats died in the storm.

“Unfortunately, they got up underneath the office and they couldn’t get out,” explained David.

He says after the 2010 flood, they tried to keep the 12-13 cats in the attic, but a few had gotten out. David says he remembers knocking out part of their porch to save one kitten who was stuck in the water.

Due to the storm, Foggy Bottom’s usual season will be pushed back several weeks; they are now looking at possibly opening in May. The Hutcherson’s are asking anyone who sees one of their kayaks or canoes to return them. Each one has a “Foggy Bottom” logo etched into it.

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