Several cars broken into at Antioch Apartment complex

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ANTIOCH, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s not what anyone wants to wake up to. Windows were shattered on half a dozen cars in an Antioch apartment complex early Sunday morning.

Now some residents say they don’t feel safe.

“There’s that one glass shattered… this car’s always here, has no tags, no one’s even been here to clean the glass up!” said resident Amy Alexander.

The cars were parked close together at Allegro Apartments in Antioch.

“You can see that they literally just ransacked the vehicle. They went through the glove box, the console, everything,” said Alexander’s roommate, Nichelle White.

White says when they came out to get a late lunch, she noticed her window was cracked. They think the culprit hit five cars, attempted her’s and then took off.

“It didn’t get shattered, but it is cracked all down the side,” White said.

Costing hundreds of dollars for her, possibly much more for those who lost multiple windows; and they’re not sure if and what they took from the others.

“I talked to one girl and she said they went through her glove box, and you know she was parked right beside my car, they didn’t take anything, they just kind of went through everything in their car,” White said, adding that she didn’t think there was much left in the cars to take.

As of Sunday night, White said she was still waiting for the police to come and file her report.

“I called the police around 2:00 today and unfortunately have not heard anything, have not had anybody call me back, they have my number. No ones came to do any kind of report or anything like that,” she said.

News 2 reached out to Metro Police Sunday afternoon but had not heard back by 10 p.m.

White and her roommate say this kind of stuff is always popping up on their complex facebook page. Posts as recent as two months ago mention car break-ins and license plates being stolen.

White’s neighbor also told News 2 his car, his son’s and daughter’s were all broken into nine months ago.

“Honestly, I don’t feel safe living in Antioch,” White said, “It’s happening everywhere, the gas stations, at your own apartment, you don’t even feel safe to live here anymore. I mean honestly when my lease comes up I will not be resigning again because of this.”

White and her roommate say they also contacted the apartment complex but have not heard back. They are going to walk in and ask about any possible surveillance cameras on Monday.

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