Sen. Marsha Blackburn reacts to President Trump’s national emergency declaration

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While one Tennessee Senator has come out against President Donald Trump’s National Emergency declaration, a second gave us a less-than-certain answer Tuesday. 

The President is using the declaration to get money for his border wall because Congress would not approve it.

Senator Lamar Alexander called the decision “unnecessary” and “unwise.” Meanwhile, Senator Marsha Blackburn did not say “yes” or “no” when News 2 asked Tuesday whether she fully supports it. 

“The emergency powers, this is something that you have seen these actions take place through the years and I know the President is doing everything he can do to make certain that the people in this country are safe.” 

President Trump himself has said, “I didn’t need to do this.” 

16 states are suing because they claim there is no national emergency. Democratic State Representative John Ray Clemmons has sent a letter formally asking Tennessee’s Attorney General to join the lawsuit. Clemmons says, “Tennessee should join this lawsuit in the interest of protecting our state and our country’s reputation.”

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