Second ATV rider arrested for reckless driving after chaotic group ride last weekend

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Another ATV rider believed to be part of the same group that was driving recklessly through Nashville Saturday morning was arrested.

Lemarcus Walker is now in police custody, charged with reckless driving.

According to a police affidavit, the victim was stopped at a red light on Dickerson Pike at Maplewood Trace Sunday morning when a large number of dirt bikes and ATV’s were headed northbound. Police say they were driving erratically. 

Walker was reportedly doing a wheelie when he lost control of his ATV and hit a car. The victim states that Walker flew off, but he and his ATV were picked up by bikers and loaded into a black Ford F-150 before police arrived.

Moments later, the victim was trying to take photos of the chaos when a man pulled up beside him on a yellow ATV and put a metal object, believed to be a gun, to his head, and took his cell phone.

Officers spotted the pickup truck with the ATV in the back. The driver and Walker denied any involvement in the hit-and-run or the robbery. But the victim was able to identify Walker as the man he saw driving recklessly, who hit his vehicle.

Another ATV driver arrested this week is now in the Metro Jail. Walter Moss is facing 6 charges, including aggravated assault.  

Moss is accused of hitting Police Sgt. John Bourque last Saturday during a mass ATV ride down Broadway in Nashville. Bourque said he was trying to hang on to avoid getting run over, as Moss went faster. Bourque was thrown from the bike and injured when he hit a metal barrier.  

News 2 has also learned that Moss faces more charges from another run-in with police in Robertson County.  He was indicted last month for resisting arrest, assaulting an officer, and drug charges. 

Metro police have not said what they will do to keep dangerous ATV drivers off the streets and stop illegal group rides.  

Council member Freddie O’Connell told News 2 people feel threatened by swarming ATVs. 

We still need to figure out what is the appropriate response from a serious law enforcement perspective, said O’Connell. I heard from a constituent in the Gulch who said they got swarmed by these vehicles and all of a sudden they got trapped by ATVs and motorcycles. If I’m in that scenario with my daughters I’m thinking ‘where are the police?’  Because all of a sudden there’s someone right up on my bumper, and they’ve got a mask on and I don’t know what this is about. 

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