STEWART COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A team of four men who traveled to Alaska to search for a missing Stewart County man are ending their efforts after no trace of the man was found. 

Steve Keel, a hunter from Dover, Tennessee, went missing while on a hunting trip in Alaska. Keel and a hunting partner made the trip to Fairbanks on Aug. 20 and on Aug. 28, the Dover man was reported missing. 

According to neighbors, Keel and his partner briefly separated for what was supposed to be no more than an hour. However, Keel never returned. 

When the four men learned of the 61-year-old’s disappearance, they hopped on a plane to Fairbanks to aid in a search for the missing Dover man. 

On Sunday, the four men with military search and rescue experience, reported their efforts had ended after finding no trace of Keel. 

“Today ended with no trace of Steve. Today’s search will bring to end the efforts of the Dover team for this search. We have a volunteer who will continue to search for the next two to 3 days. The Dover team broke down their camp today and will be heading on the long drive back Fairbanks,” said Chris Dowdy, one of the organizers of the search.

“We will continue to support Liz and the Keel family in everyday possible. I personally would like to say that these four men put their heart in to finding Steve. In the coming days we will reevaluate sending another team up to search,” said Dowdy.

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On Sunday, Keel’s family and friends held a prayer service marking the 15th day of his disappearance.

In an additional post, Dowdy said one volunteer remains on the ground to continue the search for Keel but air search assistance is needed. Liz Keel, Steve’s wife, is also calling for help from anyone who has access to search dogs.